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    by Marc Aguilera, April 8th 2014

    DSCOOP9 in Florida filled my head with lots of facts and inspiration by not only technical experts but also business leaders. The Keynote speaker for DSCOOP9 was a thought leader names Jason Jennings. Many things about Jason impressed my, so many that I have pages of notes on his ideas and principles. Jason is an New York Times Bestselling Author and has written many books centering around the idea of business leadership. His titles include: It’s Not The Big That Eat The Small – It’s The Fast That Eat The Slow, Less Is More, Think BIG, Act Small, Hit the Ground Running and The Reinventors – How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Radical Continuous Change.

    Jason Jennings ideas were nothing new but the way he contextualized his ideas and gave research based analysis made a believer out of me. One of my favorite quotes had to do with business practice in general:

    “It’s not what you do, it’s why” as Jason states, “It’s the non financial reason…”. Jason speaks of having a “Noble Purpose”. Noble purposes fixes things that are wrong and make what we do in business a journey, not merely a goal. He states that “Jobs don’t feed peoples souls, purposes do”. Having a purpose not merely to make profits is a reason to go to work and creates and maintains momentum and alignment. This in turn is what builds a company culture.

    Jason Jennings suggest businesses make growth a guiding principle. It will attract the right people and keep the right people and it will get rid of the wrong people. Let’s face it, our favorite customers are the ones who grow. One way to grow is to let go, in fact based on Jennings research the best performing companies know how to let go. When you let go, you are better able to deal with change. There is plenty to let go of in the print industry and there’s plenty that can change. Jennings went on to say that the best performing companies are led by a “Good Steward” – stewards abandon power over others and preserve natural and human resources, they share information and realize knowledge is not power. Stewards “keep their hands dirty” and make themselves accessible and are fearless about growth. They also stand for something and are called to serve others.

    I look forward to DSCOOP10 next year and to what 2014 holds for us here at Emagine.

  • Marc Aguilera is the CEO of Emagine Digital and an award winning photographer and technology educator for the creative industry. He has lectured many times for Epson, hp, Canon and X-Rite. While focusing on color management, Marc is also an instructor at the UCSD Extension and San Diego City College department of photography.